Friday, 21 November 2008

Port hills mostly

We travel ALL the way across the world and the first Scottish person we meet comes from Kyle of Lochalsh and knows Jaynes old flatmate. Small world eh !

[Lytelton Harbour from atop the port hills ]

[me looking down from the port hills into the bay]

[Us having ridden up the port hills with Christchurch in the background]

We still got sun tan(or burnt in Jaynes backs case) even though by locals standards it was over cast and cold !

[Jayne riding in town]

Look at the width of that dedicated cycle path ! and the cars just dont venture into it ! We have been riding round the city for the last 2 days and not once have we felt threatened by a cars presence !
[tame little bird]

Last update for a few days , the tent doesnt have internet access and we are leaving the hostel tomorrow for Raikara Gorge and to Geraldine on Sunday before we hit the hills !

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The Taylors said...

Love the little orphaned sparrow you came across.Why don't you pop him in your handlebar bag Jayne and take him along with you.He looks so lost and lonely. All the best on the open road.intst