Sunday, 30 November 2008

first leg over

Thats us in Invercargill

800kms from christchurch according to the odometer

internet has been sparse and even here it is crap and wont do photos. Will try to find somewhere over the next couple days that does let me do photos and update the missing days.

been some interesting things and people along the way but they need photos to tell the whole story.


The Taylors said...

Think you two have earned a nice mini break now. 800ks;that's like from Arbroath to London.It's been minus six degrees here recently so enjoy the warmth since you're hogging Europe's supply as well.

Anonymous said...

Trendy Auntie Fi here - hope you are resting your weary legs and taking a well earned breather. Your travels are so interesting and website excellent - could entice a few others to follow in your tracks! xx