Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Arrived safely (Just)

Jayne infront of the indoor gardens at dubai airport. Shortly after id narrowly avoided being arrested for taking a photo near security ! . questioned and made to delete said photo which showed jayne on a chair with mirrored pillar behind ... they reckoned i was taking a photo of the security set up !

Then when entering arrivals at Sydney airport Jayne was hauled into the security booth and frisked and bag swabbed and checked for explosives ... a random and normal proceedure apparently. More worryingly the guy coming through behind us who had been on our previous flight was carrying scissors and razor blades in his hand luggage.
The sun set en route to dubai, Nothing compared to the thunder and lightening as we came into sydneys airspace but i was never quick enough off the mark with the camera !

Arrived in Christchurch early this afternoon and made our way to the YHA on Manchester street, Seems a clean friendly place. Popped down to the bike shop and paid off the remainder of our bill and we will be picking the bikes up tomorrow morning. Then we popped down to pac n` save for some food. All the food pictured above cost us $22.85 NZ which is roughly 9.50 GBP. Whats there will provide tonights tea and with the addition of daily milk , breakfast for a couple weeks ! With a bit of thought budgeting shouldnt be too hard.
Did a bit of research while in the supermarket , and as i remember from our last trip most things seem to be about half the cost of home except milk which is roughly the same.
Hoping to be on the road on friday More then !