Monday, 24 November 2008

Day 1 , Christchurch to Rakaia Gorge

[the hills seem close ...but we never got there !]

From the city centre to the outskirts(6km) was quite pleasent , but from there on the crosswinds over the plains were hellish but we had plenty of supportive toots from drivers inc one from scotland and another with a bumper sticker from Elgol (its in skye)

To Darfield the winds were awful and trying to blow the bikes over. We stopped for lunch in Darfield at the local bakery which was tasty. After lunch the wind had died down a little and allowed us to make progress. The local landowners had also lined the roads between Darfield and Rakaia with tall hedges to break the wind !
[windy by name windy by nature]

[our campsite , look steve its your washing line]

[and looking out from our camp]
The view from the campsite was actually amaizing and all for 6 dollars a head (about 2 quid) with hot showers and washing facilities !


fleein' dutchman. said...

some good photo's, looking forward to the updates of the journey. regards, the dutchclan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry jayne grampa missing you or your planting hundreds of beech hedges ability. Your Dad is here and its taken us 2 hours to look at 3 sinks I think broad band might haooen thius decade hope your both having a great time sounds like experience of a life time. granma x