Thursday, 20 November 2008

Another Day in CHC

we bought a phone .... look at the address
our bikes in hagley park

us in hagley park

having woken early today and done a little research into the surrounding area we have decided to take in the godley head and port hill trails tomorrow (friday) and set off on the road on saturday , although the weathers meant to be bad although today was "cloudy and drizzel" we have had nothing but blue skys and sun !
The bike shop had our bikes ready and we have cycled a paltry 15kms on them , mostly too and from the shops.

We visited Hagley park which is one of the largest green spaces found in inner citys apparently. Its very nice , with lots of different areas and parks within , and its cycle friendly !


Stephen Hodge said...

Bikes look.... interesting Terry! Major jealous of those blue skies looking out my office window at errr grey and thinking of night riding tonight what I'd pay to go for a evening ride in the sun on dusty trails!

The Taylors said...

Great to see you off to a blue sky start to the tour. Snow forecast for Arbroath this weekend.Looks like you bailed out at just the right time.Look after each other.

Anonymous said...

haha Loving the address!! classic. Glad to see you both arrived safely! Holly and Greg x