Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The last few pieces of equipment arrive

Popped into the Angus Bike Chain after work tonight to pick up some more stuff that had arrived

first , our racks which will hold all our belongings too the bike. I was going to get penny sports in christchurch to fit some from stock but as i was unaware what there stock contained i opted to order in some quality stainless steel ones from Madison. Off road pannier racks take a propper pounding and its not uncommon for alloy and cheaper racks to break welds.

So today a pair of Madison Summit SS racks arrived
[hopefully wont have to test the 5 year guarantee!][Rear of rack showing solid construction]

4 blackburn MTN bottle cages to take 1 litre bottle in each
[only bottle cage i havnt broken on the mtb]
[Mountain suds from BackPackingLight.co.uk for cleaning everything from clothes to dishes to me ]

[Screen saver , spf 25+ again from BPL.co.uk]
[udderly smooth chamois cream from wiggle]

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