Sunday, 2 November 2008

Kitchen , Bedroom , Tools

My kit packed into my Altura Orkney 56 paniers and dryline 8 litre bar bag(thanks to zyro for a great deal on 2 pairs of these). as you can see the panniers are no where near full but on more than one day i need to carry food for 2 for 2 days when we do some of the higher mountain passes. I still have to add a toiletries bag to that photo also but it wont fill my bags ! The tent will travel on top of my rack between the panniers under my camelback bladder which will be used for keeping us with a fresh supply of water rather than only the 2 bottles on our bike. Meaning if we have to boil water at camp we can do a whole days worth rather than having to find it and boil it all the time.

First Things first , keep the bikes rolling. Ive opted for quite a simple tool kit as you could go on for ever and in reality most things can be bodged , if they cant then its terminal and no amount of tools will save it (from a professional point of view as a cycle mechanic) We have a 10" draper adjustable , a 15mm park cone spanner(rear cones) modified to incorporate a chain whip, a 13mm park cone spanner for the front cones, A leatherman Blast , An SKS toolbox travel , Cyclo Freewheel remover, puncture repair outfit , truflo pump (not pictured thats an old blackburn there thats not coming with me) a rag and some motorex drylube. Its not comprehensive but with the addition of some spokes , a small tub of assorted bolts etc and a couple of tubes it should keep us going. Till we reach a bike shop anyway

Next up we have the kitchen ! The photo above shows the kitchen in its transportation state. The black net is the same depth as the biggest pot in the photo below. It contains 2 pots , frying pan, pan handle , small absorbant towel, the burner/windshield/fuel pump for my MSR whisperlite , my homemade folding spatula , a ti spork , and a plastic spoon(non stick pots you see) In addition to the above we also have Orikaso folding crockary, tested previously with some sketicism but have stood the test of time (had them for about a year) and passed the angus bike chain careless tea drinkers test. To power the stove we are taking the medium sized primus fuel bottle on advice of adrian at Basecamp in arbroath since the stove was a last minute purchase due to difficulty in finding compatible fuel for my old faithful camping gaz twister.

The bedroom consists of an Alpkit Wee Arric, An ajungaluk(mammut) tundra summer sleeping bag, a vango cotton liner , and a buff over an inflated dry bag for a pillow. Each of these items will be stored inside a dry bag and then inside the panniers , although the panniers are waterproof for the weight of a dry bag its better to be safe than sorry. The arrics will be carried ontop of Jaynes rack.

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