Sunday, 21 December 2008

Queenstown to Glenorchy

we had to get out of Queenstown as it is a tourist mecca and thus everything is so expensive and sometimes under par on quality.

So 45kms out to the north west round the lake lies Glenorchy and is now where we are till tuesday when we will head back to Queenstown for Christmas. We have our hostel confirmed and we have bought tickets to an international orphans christmas dinner at a renound travelers pub in town which should keep us entertained !

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[Queenstown wharf at sun set]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[ Me with my not so sub par quality hot chocolate from Patagonia chocolates on wharfside......but it was bloody expensive......$15 for 2 .....we normally pay $7 for 2 ... but it was nice and it was the only place open at 10pm for non alcoholic drinks]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[After bad weather yesterday the good stuffs back! ]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[Nice lunch spot ? ]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[It snowed on the hills last night , the snow level wasnt that much above us at some points on our ride ....and we were only at a max of 450meters today]


Richard said...

Enjoy the good weather, it's gash here. Oh, and have a good Xmas.

The Taylors said...

Just how good is that scenery gonna get! Fab pictures. The last time I was in Glenorchy in Scotland the road was like a river in spate. You've picked the best one to visit.