Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Day 14 Back on the road

After resting(i mean riding with the locals in the woods...some of whom had never heard of cyclocross and thought i was just riding a road bike off road!) and riding some of the latest GT bikes out at bluff ......If anyone wants to give me a Carbon Marathon for next year i wont say know. Some very posh kit.

Managed 5k this morning before our first puncture of the trip(Jayne tells me this is your doing Ron ??). Large chuck of glass in my rear tire on a cycle path of all things ...somethings are just like home !

heading out to te anau for the weekend in a two part journey- Invercargill to Tutapere and then on to manapouri/te anau on friday

From New Zealand Cycle tour

Surfing at Colac bay

From New Zealand Cycle tour

seafront we rode along for most of the day

From New Zealand Cycle tour

apparently its windy here ....those trees were growing like that

From New Zealand Cycle tour

The wind had stopped by now and was allowing us to progress to tuatapere

From New Zealand Cycle tour

Tried to trade my bike in ...but they werent having it


The Taylors said...

Sorry about the puncture Terry.Things I suggest might happen seem to happen the next day. So look out for a wad of hundred dollar bills that I see you picking up from the road on the way to Milford Sound.

Amy Millar said...

hello! got this off your bebo Jayne, looks like you two have been having fun!! Jealous?? me?! never!! haha
Been doing my westlinks application for next year!! Nothing else on the tables so just gonna apply for it n see what happens.
Happy cycling xxx

Trail_rat said...

think we will need those wads of hundred dollar bills for the tours up there ..... there are some very posh ones ...

we are going to go for one of the more modest options though without the champagne and on board helicopter!