Monday, 15 December 2008

the local birds

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[on the peer]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[came up to us at lunch]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[on the edge of our table at lunch]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[on the empty chair at lunch]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[I think this is what they were all after]

And to ensure we avoid more random posts of this ilk we are back on the road again tomorrow morning. Heading for Mavora lakes and then down the the TSS Earnslaw for a steam ship entrance to Queenstown.

Today we also found the swimming pool that time, cleaners and health and safety forgot. Fiordland Community college pool was at one time i think an outdoor pool that someone built a roof over ! I was in the changing rooms thinking someone had left the shower on but no the roof was leaking. At least the pool its self was clean and a refreshing swim and muscle soak was had by all.

And lots more photos of more interesting things added to the album as well !


Holly and Greg said...

Hey Guys!! I quite like the birds Terry! We have been keeping up to date with all your posts and looking through your album. Some fantastic views and it looks like a great camera you've got there, the photos are amazing! We are glad to see your getting on well. Will post again before xmas :D xx

The Taylors said...

Well done on summiting Mt Luxmore. That trek at the start looked a bit Jurassic Parkish to me. Remember; dinosaurs have poor eyesight. Stay completely still!