Saturday, 3 January 2009

New year ........Couch surfing, Makarora , Haast

Most people reading this wont know what couchsurfing is so i suggest checking out

We found our selves in the wanaka area with no where to stay. No where had spaces left , most places either laughed at us or told us that they had been booked since april ....thats tent , hostel , motel , cabin ....everything

Andrew the irish man from earlier in the journey told us about the above site so we tried it and found our selves staying with Jamie and Liz.A kiwi and a Londoner staying in Hawea flat who took us to a friends indian(curry not native) themed party who was a scot from Helensburgh and we met another guy whod been based in arbroath at 45 commando.

[Our hosts]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[where we stayed ]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[has everything you need for couchsurfing and more]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[The view from the door ]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[it rained again...Makarora]

From New Zealand Cycle tour

[We paid for this hut....looks nice on the outside but wasnt a patch on the couchsurfing hut....]

We Met up with spook from nofuss on New years day , he is looking well and "coping" with the "stress" of living over here HAHA . It looks like he has settled in well.

We are now in Haast so dont expect to hear from us after this for a while as we havnt had a phone signal for 2 days , the landlines have only just come back on after being out for some reason or another and it only gets remoter ...the next city is about 300k.

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The Taylors said...

Well done on reaching your next checkpoint.Hope the sun breaks out of jail soon.Signing off with the worst pun on the entire blog which I'll explain next phone call if you don't figure it out.
Haasta la vista baby!