Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Jist

(us in the Angus Bike Chain tops and Dave Brookland in sport southland top)
Having been to NZ as part of a prize for No Fuss Events in February 08 and loving every minute of it we promised the people we were staying with we would be back.

How soon we did not realise!!

fast forward 6 months or so and we were soon planning our return by bicycle tour.

We have both just finished university and have taken on remedial jobs to fund this trip

The plan is , not to really have a plan and just spend 3 months touring round New Zealand. Our only confirmed stop is Christmas in Queenstown where we have a hostel booked. To take our time and enjoy our selfs is the aim , id quite like to do some racing while im out there so that will determine some of our path but not too much i hope

We leave on the 17th of November 08 for Christchurch and wont be back till the 23rd of March 09 the bit inbetween will hopefully be what is documented in this blog for the people back home to keep track on where we are and what we are doing

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